How It Works

Open Mic Night @ The Warehouse is open to all performers – musicians, singer/songwriters, bands, poets, comedians, lyricists, etc. Basically, anyone who’d like to perform on stage!

If you’d like to perform (we love performers!):

*** Sign-up time is 7:55 pm – each / every Wednesday night!! ***

– All performers draw numbers at random to determine who plays when!

– Sets are 12-15 minutes or 3-4 songs*, whichever comes first!
(rock the mic / don’t hog the mic!)

– Performances begin at 8:30 and go until all our performers have had their chance to play!
(The Warehouse is open until 2am!)

– If you’d prefer your performance not be photographed or videotaped, please let the audience know before you begin!

– Occasionally, we’ll host a featured artist. Our featured artist gets a set performance slot with up to a 30-minute set length – ask for details!


If you’d like to attend (we love an audience!!):

– There’s NEVER any door charge, cover charge, suggested donation, or signup fee for Open Mic Night – FREE to perform + FREE to attend, so make a night of it and invite your friends!!

– Audience members and performers are free to enter / leave the venue as they please!

– Although Open Mic Night’s not meant to be a formal concert, we politely ask that you show common courtesy and refrain from loud conversation or cell phone usage during performances (you’ll miss the show!).

– Photography and video recording of performers is welcomed – be sure to properly label / tag any photos & videos!  (most of our performers are happy to provide the info if you ask!)


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